Sunday, March 1, 2015

Word Whisperer- Nico A

This also called my attention due to the fact that it shows
how evil and how far the Nazis went to scare and kill Jews.
Word whisperer
Art Spiegelman
Part 3

In this part of the book, Maus, one can really tell how horrible it must have been going to concentration camps.  You can tell this by the fact that Tosha, instead of going to the camps, she refuses to go and feeds her children and herself poison to die outside of the camps.  One can see how horrible the Nazis were due to the fact that some Jews preferred dying, than working in a camp, and maybe surviving.  As you can see from this, Nazis and the Holocaust was not only horrible, but a nightmare.  It can be thought as the most wrong thing ever done in humanity.  Not only was I amazed by this, but I also read that if children cried as Nazis were taking them, the would be thrown to the wall and killed.  This in the book really upset me not only because I am a kid, but imagine being taken away from your parents, and being locked up somewhere were you might not leave, and if you do, there is little chance of finding them.  Theses facts have caused me such discomfort, I am having troubles expressing my feelings towards this due to the fact that there is not a single word so strong to define the Holocaust, and Jew persecution.

I wrote this, not because it is the most important part of the chapter, but because here, we can see extreme actions being taken by Nazis that have emotionally affected me in a disappointing way.  It is disappointing that people went this far so they could believe they were more powerful.  To me, before this quarter, the Holocaust felt like only a story, but after reading so much about it, I can really understand its magnitude.

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