Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gabe.Week #3


Art Spiegelman


Risk Taking Researcher

Art Spiegelman who is a widely renown editor, cartoonist, and comic advocate. When he worked as the co-editor of the magazines Raw and Arcade and is very famous for his comic Maus. Since 1992 he has been an artist who produced several controversial covers for the New York Times.

This widely renown artist was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and at a very young age immigrated to the US with his parents. During his high school years he studied drawing and at the young age of 16 he began to draw professionally. After college he joined an underground comix movement.

Maus, considered to be Spiegelman's masterpiece is a book based on his father's experience during the Holocaust. It was completed in 1991 and received the Pulitzer Prize soon after. The book depicted the Jewish people as Mice, the Nazi's as Cats, and the ethnic Polish as Pigs. It was first published in the magazine Raw, a graphic novel magazine run by Spiegelman and his wife, Françoise Mouly.

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