Sunday, March 1, 2015

Line Illuminator : Week #3

"...I don't know how I can stand it! " Mala  

Vladeck walks in

" So... Hi, kids"

" I didn't know you are upstairs here. I as watering the downstairs garden. "

" Mala and I were just talking about my book...  I've already started to sketch out some parts. I'll show you!"

Before Vladek, Artie's father walks in to his house, Mala and Artie are talking about Vladek. They were complaining about him and how he reacts to most of his life to Mala. But when Vladek goes in they stop talking about him. If it were normal people they would still talk so that the person will change their attitude, but seeing that they stopped continuing, I think that Vladek is like the leader of the group and they are the minions that follow them while he is there, but then doesn't like him and complains about him when he isn't seen. They act more like a family when Vladek is there and forgets about the tension and the reason they were mad at him because of the reason he is there. This is also shown in many families where they have a parent divorced but then married again.

But for this reason that Mala and Vladek don't go along is Vladek had Anja but she died, well suicided because she felt depressed after the war. So she died and after Artie grew, Vladek thought Mala would be another wife instead for Anja but it wasn't right so you can see them fighting over for who is a worse person.

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