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Literature Circle Information. 
  • There will be a 'censored' or 'challenged' text assigned to you every quarter: A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Anthem by Ayn Rand, Maus by Art Speigelman & Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, and Red Scarf Girl by Ji Li Jiang.  This complements our Yearlong unit: The Voice.
  • You will read these independently.
  • The novel (s) will be divided into 6 reading sections.
  • Mrs. Hancock, Ms. Lewis, & Mr. Beck's students will all use the same four literature circle blogs in a collaborative fashion.
  • You may not repeat a role.  
  • More than one member of your classroom reading group should not complete the same role on a given week.  
  • You will comment on each other's ideas both outside of class and on Monday mornings (15 minutes at the start of class).  
  • This blog post is due on or before Sunday night.
  • Blog posts and comments will be evaluating for formative assessment.  
  • A summative assessment will occur at the end of the quarter.

Literature Circle Roles for Blogging

Job # 1 – Line Illuminator – 

This role is to select two passages from the reading selection that you think are worthy of being read, shared, and possibly discussed with your readers. The Line Illuminator writes down the passages word for word in quotes, citing the page # from where the lines come from in parentheses at the end. You are free to pick whichever quotes you like, but they must have some sort of significance or importance. Pick lines you find insightful or lines that confuse you and throw you for a loop. Under each passage, in one concise paragraph per quote, you must explain the significance of the line and why you selected it.  Add and properly cite 2 images to complement your post.

Job # 2 – Connection Captain – 

You are in charge of connecting what is happening in your text to what you are studying in Grade 8 or current events in the world around you. You can also connect the events to personal experiences you have had, things you have seen or heard about in real life, or events that occurred in other books you’ve read or movies you’ve seen. The connector will often use phrases like: “This reminds me of…” or “This event was similar to…” The connector role must write 2 strong paragraphs. Add and properly cite 2 images to complement your post.

Job # 3 – Word Whisperer– 

In this role you are to serve as a literary analysis expert, generating a list of 4-5 examples of stylistic techniques (allusion, simile, metaphor, personification, alliteration, hyperbole, imagery, personification, repetition, flashback, foreshadowing, irony, oxymoron, symbol, diction/tone) used by the writer in the passage.  For each technique you will discuss 1) the meaning of the stylistic device 2) the effect on the story or reader.  Make sure you quote the line in the book that contains the literary technique, citing the page number in parentheses. Finally (and most importantly!) reflect on the literary element's significance within the context of this book. Add and properly cite two images to complement your post.

Job # 4 – Question Commander – 

Your role is to make a list of 3 “thinking” questions that can prompt an online discussion among your blog readers. The questions you choose should be designed to get your readers thoughtfully engaged in the issues and topics of your text. Often, good questions will attempt to reveal the nature of the writing process. Was it unclear why the writer chose to do something? Was part of the plot unclear or confusing? Do you think the author has a hidden agenda or motive? These make for great questions. After asking your question, provide, in one paragraph for each question, a possible answer with supporting details from the text. It doesn’t have to be “right,” but it should serve to foster thought and discussion about writing and literature. Add and properly cite 2 images to complement your post.

Job # 5 – Illustrious Artist – 

You are in charge of visually displaying the events in your week's text in a creative manner. You may choose to depict an important object, character, or scene that stood out from the reading. This should not be a copy/paste of the movie.  It is meant to spark conversation as members "read" your image.  The illustration may be hand-generated/consist of magazine cut-outs and scanned, internet images, or be created using computer graphics programs. Regardless of what you choose, your post must accurately display your interpretation of this section of reading. You also need to describe, in one-two paragraphs, the image(s) you selected and its significance.

Job #6—Risk Taking Researcher  --- 

Each of these novels is set in a critical time period (one is futuristic yet mimics many totalitarian regimes). To deepen the group's understanding, you must research something pertaining to the novel (author, theme, time period, the writing of this novel, etc.) and include a detailed explanation of the tie to the text with a citation of source and a complementary image. Please DO NOT simply copy the information, but instead synthesize the research in your own words with commentary. Add and properly cite 2 images to complement your post.

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