Sunday, October 5, 2014

Connection Captain Persepolis part 6 110-153

In this part of the book, it talks about how her life started to change, for example, she moves away from her house, she starts to see people die, she disobeys laws, and more. As you can see her country has tons of laws, like women needs to were the veil, people can`t have parties, or alcohol and more. This reminds me of what is happening in Isis, where now their are tons of laws, some laws in their according to Washington  post where you can`t have alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, and women as in the book have to wear  full islamic dress, and the only difference from the book, is that now the women can`t go outside, unless it is necessary. This part of the book reminds me of what is happening in Isis.

Another connection that I made, was with the " the book Thiefs", mainly with the last scene, where, due to a war explosion, the protagonist Lieses, looses all her family. In the book Persepolis, in pages 139-142, Marji is told that a missile had hit the neighborhood where she lived and she thinks, frightened and fearful, that her family might have died. Fortunately, in this story that had not, happened,but, her neighbor friend lost her life. In conclusion, I found in common the feeling of fear and unprotaction generating in the peoples minds that the war had caused.


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