Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thomaz - Line Illuminator - Persepolis

" 'We will do our best. if God wills it, he'll be better. Everything depends on God.'

I need your authorization so he can get his passport!'

'If God wills it.' " (pg. 121)

This is a conversation between Marji's aunt and the director of the hospital, a former window washer. She is trying to get a passport for her husband, whom just recently had his 3rd heart attack and needs to go to England for proper treatment. I chose this quote because it shows how people were very fond of God, but I doubt he actually meant it because, I mean, how can he know it God wills it or not? He just apparently makes up excuses because he knows the country can't afford such transportation: he is trying to hide the truth from the people.

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Part of pg. 121

"I couldn't just go. I turned around to see them one last time. It would have been better to just go." (pg. 153)

This is Marji while leaving Iran, with Austria as her destination, and she is in the airport. I chose this quote because I was confused as to what happened to Marji's mother. She appears to be unconscious and in her husband's arms. It doesn't seem as if she's dead because she didn't mention any gunshots or explosions and the people around her seemed normal, not bothered by that scene; however, the way she said it was very dramatic, just as if she had died or a tragedy had just happened, but it doesn't seem like it so I was confused.

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pg. 153

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