Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Connection Captain - Juliana Vieira

Maus, by Art Spiegelmn
Pages 5-71
Connection Captain
Juliana Vieira

I can connect the Nazi move against the Jews that happened in Maus to all the discrimination that happens nowadays. Sure, back then they used to kill Jews, keep them as slaves, and in far worst condition than what we do nowadays. But both are because of discrimination. The Nazi thought that the only pure race, the only pure religion, was theirs, so they tried (and failed) to exterminate all that were not 'pure'. Many people nowadays are racist people and think differently about black people and white people. In countries such as India and Pakistan, women are believed to be inferior to men. This is gender discrimination. Women are forced to wear burqas and are inferior to any and every man, and they can do nothing about it, just like the Jews could do nothing against the Nazi on their own.

The discrimination nowadays is way more subtle than the Nazi times, but it is still present. That is the only major difference - the Nazi took their distaste one step further. Who knows if perhaps humans will grow to make the same mistake? While the discrimination nowadays is subtle, it is still there and will continue, for nothing and nobody's perfect. There is a growing discontent from the women in Pakistan and India for wearing burqas and being inferior to men, and many are going up against racism, so maybe there still is hope for us.



How different are they really?

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