Monday, October 13, 2014

Post #1. Maus.Connection Captain (Isabel Park)

In page 53 the polish were treated better, While Vladek and other Jewish people were put in cabins to freeze. This is clearly unfair and it just reminded me of the book the help. Im pretty sure they werent out in cabins because of their social class but they were treated differently because of what they believe in. Last year I read the book The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Its about maids in the 1960's who work for white ladies. and if you read the book you can see how mistreated and diminished they are. Like they have separate bathrooms, which is outside. I don't know but for me it was a little similar 

Social Class DefinitionIn the cabins moment I thought it was unfair just like the book help. Ho the characters are treated. Not like the same way but both are kind of mistreated. Like one of the characters in The help they are threatened but white household women for doing nothing. And Vladek isn't in a cabin hes in a tent, which is a little unfair just because of what he believes in. Both characters are being taken from there rights and being put down from the people in charge. I thought it was a little similar.




  1. Isabel,
    I think your connection is great. It makes absolute sense. I just think you could give a few more details, maybe be a little more specific, complement the weighting a little more, and then your post would be fantastic. I really loved how you connected the social classes with the Nazi discrimination. I think it was very creative. The maids and the Jews being treated pretty much the same. The picture you added on complemented your post in a positive way. You could have also added an image that was more related to the Nazi and Maus, though.
    In conclusion, I think your post was great, but it still needs some work.


  2. Isabel,

    I think this was a good connection, as its totally similar to Maus, where the Jewish people were treated worst than Poles. They were treated like trash, and did not receive any respect from the Nazis. Your picture also is very helpful for the understanding of the rader because it by looking at it, it is clear that the birds in the bottom (everyone else) were covered in excrements, while the rich one was all clan and happy. Anyways, great post. Next time, maybe watch your spelling and capitalization of letters. Great job!