Thursday, October 16, 2014

Historical Analysis Rotation 2 - Jorge Ribeiro

By Art Spiegelman
Historical Context
Rotation #2
Pages 72-127

How did historical events influence the ideas in the novel?  What cultural issues may have influenced, challenged, or inspired the author?

The historical events influenced the story mouse, because it made part of the main idea of the book. If it wasn't for the holocaust, then Spiegelman's father would not have had these stories to share to his son. The holocaust, was the reason why Spiegelman's father had the story to share with and it was on that historical event that the whole story was based on, and if there was not this occurrence, this book would not have been written. The cultural issues that may have influenced the author was on the good side of the World War II, on how people tried to maintain alive and thought that family was the most important thing. What may have challenged him, is on how many were killed for doing nothing, only because they were innocent some nazis would come and beat them, and sometimes kill them. One thing that inspired the author was on how these people would still try to survive even in times like this, because they found that their lives are important, and they will not give up.


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