Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bethany G. Risk taking researcher

Auschwitz Concentration Camp 
After reading Maus, I really wanted to see and read more about the concentration camps they were put in. These concentration camps were all concentration camps made by the Germans, (Nazi Concentration camps). DUring the time of the holocaust about 5 million jewish polish citizens went through them. Many of these people didn't make it out because of how much hard work, bad treatment, starvation, and many more things that happened to them. After a while, in 1941 - 1942, the Germans wanted to get rid of the Jews so bad that they even made camps called death camps.  These death camps, were constructed for the sole purpose of extermination. In the book, Vladek and Anja went to Concentration Camp Auschwits which became a huge death camp, since they expanded the extermination facilities. Concentration Camps were mainly for the people to exploit the labor and
work hard, rather than exterminate them. Sadly, most of the prisoners did die, as said before, because of the sicknesses, hard work, starvation, etc. During this stage of the holocaust, at least 960,000 were kill in the concentration camp where Vladek and Anja were sent to.

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  1. Bethany,
    Good research! Imagine the thighs the poor Jews went through. The unbelievable thing is how Anja and Vladek survived right? That is still a little bit unclear for me. We know they survived because Anja killed herself years after the war and Vladek is still alive. So that for me is a little bit confusing. Do you have a theory? Not only them but many Jews escaped from the concentration and death camps. Amazing what those people would have suffer......
    Good Job.

  2. Bethany, great post. I liked how instead of researching about the author of the book or the theme of it, you gave us some background information abou the scenery and where all the story takes place. It was great how in the end you mentioned about how many people were approximately killed. Your research really pushed my thinking forward, so thanks! Great job!