Sunday, October 26, 2014

Illustrious Artist- Habibeh Marron

Habibeh Marron
By Art Spiegelman
Illustrious Artist
Rotation #3
Pages 128-159

Imagine a world where you can not be yourself. A world where you have to be hidden and pretend to be someone else so you won´t be killed. This was the World War II. 
Vladek and Anja survived a lot of issues and escape from a lot of places but the main dilemma was to stop being themselves. If you were a Jew that was enough reasons to be captured and killed the only way to protect yourself was to become another person (A polish or a german). in page 136 there is an image that called my attention. The issue going on is that Vladek and Anja are going from a refuge to another and they have to get “dressed“ as polish. “It was a little safe I had a coat and boots, so like the gestapo wore when he was not in service. But Anja-her appearance- you could see more easy she was jewish. I was afraid for her“ (Spiegelman 136) This are the exactly lines Vladek said while they were escaping.

I drew this image because of two things. The first one is that I wanted to illustrate the hard times Jews where going through. They couldn´t be themselves never. I imagine myself in that situation, where I have to pretend because I´m not accepted. We must learn from this. One must never never be judge from the person he is, if so it can take us to mayor issues we don´t want to experience. The second reason I drew this is to expose the creativity of Spiegelman. I found really interesting how, to make the jews seem they were pretending to be polish, Spiegelman drew pig masks on them and when they stop pretending they took it of. Lauding what Vladek was saying about Anja being more easily to identify as a Jew, Spiegelman drew Anja with a mouse tail, while Vladek had none. 

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  1. Ha,

    I agree with you that this comic picture is very interesting. It does represent what the jews were going through. They needed to pretend to be something they weren't, just to survive and get on with their lives. I think this was very unfair, as someone should have the right to be themselves, and not dress up so that others accept them. Furthermore, I would add that this picture represents that the germans were very intelligent because they would identify the jews immediately,