Sunday, September 7, 2014

Word Whisperer/ Maus by Art Speigleman/Sydney

     Foreshadowing:   Page 81 " Ilzecki and is wife did not survive from the war. But his son remained alive; ours did not.   . . . and anyway we had to give Richieu to hide a year later" I think that Vledeck is foreshadowing because at this point they hadn't told the reader what had happend to Richieu. It also tells the reader that the war had gotten much worse in the future for they had to give away their son.

Flashback: Page 117 " Remember this guy what I told you gave us out of our bunker? . . .  Well I buried him . . ." I consider this point of the book a flashback because at the time Vladeck was remembering how mad he was at the mouse who gave out their hiding place, as he was bering the mouse.

Metaphor:  The Jewish are mice and the Natzis are Cats. Therefor showing the long time rivalry between the two animals and how the cats are above the mice.

Symbol: Masks meaning things aren't as they seem.

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  1. Sydney,
    Your post made me think deeper. Also, it made me realize that most of the book was a flashback. I knew it was Vladek telling his story to his son, but it didn't really feel like it because he got into so much detail. The flashbacks you chose were quite important to the book because without them the story would be incomplete. Overall, the author doesn't use a lot of smilies and metaphors, or any of the 12 components that make a writing piece have more flavor. I wonder if he had used some more, would the book be more interesting and mysterious?
    Good job!!

  2. Sydney,
    I think your post was well written and every clear. The metaphor was interesting because everyone knew that the Jewish people were mice and the German were cats but you took that information and deepened it more. I never thought about the long time rivalry between the mice and cat. My telling this story Vladek was always looking and remembering the past which gave him a lot of flashback of emotion.