Sunday, September 7, 2014

Captain Commander Maus - Enzo Hahn

            In Maus Mala is angry with Vladek because he is always putting limits of money because he is eventually scared of the holocaust. My great grandfather that was born in Germany ,but he had to escape from the holocaust and he went to Argentina. My grandfather was born in Bolivia on a boat that was going to Argentina. He said to me that his father would save a lot of money because he was scared of the Holocaust. This reminded me of the book and how Vladek was saving all of his money. He just used his money for consumables like food and other materials that he uses. Mala was angry at him because she wanted new cloth. Mala didn’t have limits for money Vladek said on the book. This made me think that Mala wanted more of Vladek and it made me connect to my soccer coaches that always wants me to give everything that I have on soccer practice. Mala was kind of a irritating women because she always aced things to Vladek and she would always be negative when something happened, but in the end Vladek is the only one that knows Mala’s story of life and the same goes to Mala.

Another part of Maus that made me connect was the one where Vladek escapes with Mala to his old house and he finds the catholic that bought his house and he gave them food and a place to live in a barn with another Jew. This made me connect to a movie that I saw called Hannibal. This movie was very interesting because he wanted to kill a group of Russians that killed his family when he was a kid. He had to find shelters on different cities and he made friends and he found some of his old friends. In this catholic condominium they had a women that shouted out that everyone was a Jew and she was a bit crazy. In this barn Vladek started a friendship with another Jew that told him were to get food with coupons and this helped Vladek because he could buy milk and bread their. 

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  1. I really liked your post. For your first connection, I liked how your grandfather’s dad saving money reminded you of Vladek saving money. I think this connection makes a lot of scenes and the two situations are almost exactly the same. I like how Mala wanting more money from Vladek reminded you of your soccer coaches. I agree that Mala was a little bit irritating, but I also think that Vladek was a little bit over protective of his money. For your second connection, I really like the picture. I think it’s interesting how that reminded you of a movie. I think that really shows that, even though everything happened a lot time ago, you can still see similar things in movies. I didn't see the movie but I also agree that the woman in the movie seems a little crazy. Don’t you think Vladek was lucky to find a place to hide and get food with his situation?