Sunday, September 7, 2014

Job #1 - Line Illuminator

Quote 1: "We were happy even to have THESE conditions. "

        This is what Vladek says on page 148, when they were locked up in a cellar filled with rats for ten days straight. What Vladek says here, shows how hard life was back then. There was a war going on around them, for weeks, and weeks. Their families were taken away one by one. Just the very few lucky ones got to survive. But the ones who got to survive, had to live hiding in a cellar with almost no food and no water. So Vladek and Anja were very lucky to be even hiding in a cellar with rats. But this is what Vlaedek had called happy. Imagine if we were locked up in a small cellar filled with rats for ten days straight. With only a small amount of food and  water, even being scared to breathe. We will never call this happy. It will be the worst condition for us to be in. However, it wasn't like this in the past. So maybe if we lived in the past, we would've actually considered this conditions, happy. 

Quote 2: "In Hungary we could be free to walk the streets again, like human  beings......"

         This is what Vladek told Anja, on page 151, when he was trying to convince her to go to Hungary. During the war Vladek and the others where treated horribly. Their jobs and stores were stolen, they were even forced to get out of their house! But this was just the beginning, soon it started getting worse. Who ever was found was taken away to the concentration camp or even killed for no reason. All the Jews had to hide and protect themselves, or else they were going to be taken away forever. So all the Jews wanted to be able to walk freely out in the streets, and be treated like human beings. Anja did not agree to Vladek's idea at first because she was afraid that they will be captured during the long transition. However, Vladek finally convinced her to move to Hungary the next day. But sadly, during their transition they were captured by the Nazis, and were sent to the concentration camp immediately. Their dream of walking free on the streets and being treated like humans, were broken, there was no way to get out of the concentration camp. 

      This first image shows a four leaf clover, because it represents Vladek's life.There were only few Jews who were lucky enough to survive the war. Furthermore, there were hardly any Jews left even when the war had just started. Vladek was one of the few Jews that had survived. He was lucky to be home, he was lucky to be released (from the camp), and he was lucky to be alive. His life is filled with luck, just like a four leaf clovers.

      This second image I chose shows an white person and a African American working together. However, it was never like this in the past. In the past African Americans were treated horribly by the white peoples. Just like the Jews were treated horribly by the Nazis in the past. In both of these two situations the Jews and the African Americans back then were treated with discrimination. I think humans shouldn't have been treated this way at all. However, I am glad that it had all changed over time. 


1st image

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