Sunday, September 7, 2014

Connection Caption- Carolina Laport


Book: Maus
Author: Art Spiegelman
Page: 129- 159
Week: #3

               On page 139,'' But, remember if you're found there, I dont know you!... You must say that the barn door was open and you just sneaked in.''  In the book Maus a lady helped Vladek and Anja take shelter, from the germans. Even though she is helping them she states out that if they find them she was not a part in anything. The reason I choose this sentence was because it reminded me what I see a lot. You help a person by telling them or in this case helping them, but at the end you tell them that if anyone asks you did not hear it from me. Lots of people want to help each other out but not wanting to get caught. You dont want to get in trouble so you will pretend that nothing happened. My perspective on this is that this seems to be a big secret. 


               This book reminds me of Ties that mind. Through out the book Vladek has to face a lot of challenges. He always has to make a choice and keep in mind that there will be no turning back. Allin from Ties That Bind also has to face many challenges, which can be hard. A similarity that I fond between the two books was that Vladek and Anja were separated from their families. Vladek's separation was by the choice he made, and Allin's was her beliefs. These two books have very important characters that tell a story of a true event by someone who experienced it.

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  1. I really liked your post! it was really good. I liked how you related something in the book to life today. I also agreed with what you said on both of your paragraphs. I also liked how you made the first paragraph something that everyone can relate to, and the second one about what the section of the book meant to you.