Sunday, September 7, 2014

Risk taker researcher week 3

In the book, Mauz. The jews are mentioned a lot in this book so I decided to research on it a little bit because I thought that the topic was interesting. I decided to look up for why did WW2 began and why were the jews the min target in that war.
As the web site says, WW2 started because Germany was really bad economic-wize and Hitler was speaking to the Germans that the fault that their country was so bad at that time was because of the jews. So after lots of speeches that he gave in public to the German citizens, and after he gave a couple of speeches the Germans started to like him.
On 1st September 1939, a million Nazi troops then invaded Poland. The United Kingdom and France had promised to help the people from Poland if they were attacked so gave Hitler an ultimatum by threatening war if his troops did not withdraw by 3rd September. Hitler ignored this threat and then the war was declared.
The Germans invaded Denmark and Norway on April 1940. Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Belgium were both invaded in may and then conquered France by June. The Allies tried to disrupt them but then they failed. Chamberlain,(the president of the UK at that time) was replaced by Winston Churchill as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in May 1940, because the British were not happy with his work.


  1. Hi Willem, good post. I wonder how many speeches it actually took for Hitler to get the Germans to believe what he was saying. I think the United Kingdom, France, and Poland predicted that a war was coming. They were trying to prevent this war by just threatening Hitler, but of course, Hitler didn't listen and went ahead with his plans. This whole war was horrible, as was the reason for the war. I don't understand how a person could be so cruel. Overall, good job on your post.


  2. Your post was really interesting. The fact that Hitler blamed the jews for no reason was very interesting. In my opinion, if England didn't replace the president the result of the war would have been very different.