Sunday, September 7, 2014

Post #3 - Line Illuminator - Martina Gil

Passage 1

Page 132 - 133

"...I don't know how I can stand it! " Mala

Vladeck walks in

" So... Hi, kids"

" I didn't know you are upstairs here. I as watering the downstairs garden. "

" MAla and I were just talking about my book...  I've already started to sketch out some parts. I'll show you!"

Artie Gathers his papares and begins to show Artie and Mala his work. 

"... See, here are the black market jews they hanged in Sosnoweiec..."

" Ach "


Before Vladeck ( the father ) walks in. Mala ( the wife ) and Artie ( Vladecks son ) Were complaint about Vladeck and How cheap he is. Mala was getting really frustrated with Vladeck, but Artie tells her that he's used to it. With all the tension in the room with Mala and Artie, when Vladeck walks in it seems to go away. And they forget about the reasons they are mad at him and begin to act more like a family. I though this was important, because it happened often in  the book and it tells you a lot about their relationships.


Passage 2

Pages 142 - 143

" Remember, little one -- Never tell anybody There are Jews her. They'll shoot us          all!"

That little boy was very smart, and loved Anja


Still everything here was fine, until one saturday Motonowa ran very early back from her black market work...

" THIS IS TERRIBLE! The gestapo just searched me... they took my goods!"

"They may come and search here any minute! You've got to leave!"

" What?"

" But where can we go?"


I chose this passage, because I thought it showed that now matter how safe or loved they are,they are never safe. No matter how nice there host is, they have to leave. From house to house Vladeck was forced to leave to many families and I think that this passage really showed how sudden it might be. 

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  1. Martina,
    I thought your lines from the book that you choose was very powerful. You took those two parts and deepen the thought more. On the first line you choose it was interesting because they always fight but then they get over it and this happened a lot but I never realized it before. I think that the topic family appears a lot is because maybe the author wanted to show how in the time you only had family.