Sunday, September 7, 2014

Maus Line Illuminator - Silvia L.

Section: Maus pages 129 - 159
Role: Line Illuminator

pg. 139
"But remember - if you’re found there I don’t know you!...”

To start off, I chose this quote because I thought it reflected the harsh situations the Jews were in during the Holocaust. At the time, when the Nazi soldiers found people hiding a Jew they would not only arrest the Jews but arrest the people who hid them as well. This was a very risky and dangerous act which could easily bring death to non-Jewish people.
This quote is from the scene where a Polish lady named Kawka let Vladek and Anja stay in her barn, reminding them that if they are caught she was not responsible for it. Indicating that, everyone thought Jewish people were best to ignore because by helping them they are risking their lives for no particular reason. The photo below shows a woman trying to ignore something by plugging her ears, which relates to what the majority of non-Jewish people did during the Holocaust. In reference to this fact, despite that Kawka said that she would not be responsible for hiding them, do you think she was still brave enough to trust the two? Would you trusted and have let Vladek and Anja stay in your barn, if you were to be in that situation?
Concluding, this quote was appropriate to show how people had to ignore the Jews being killed and sent to Auschwitz. Also, I believe that it would have required a lot of courage to decide to help a Jew, regarding to how merciless the German soldiers were to them.


pg. 149
“Don’t be afraid, little ones. I’m not a Jew. I won’t hurt you.”
The second quote I chose also relates to people keeping their distance from the Jews, but in this scene in particular, Vladek had to lie that he was not a Jew, to the Polish children to stay safe, although being a Jew should not have been something to hide from.
The photo below represents how the Polish children thought of Jews, dangerous and threatening. This was because the mothers always told so: "be careful! A Jew will catch you to a bag and eat you!" In the quote Vladek even had to say that he wouldn't hurt them because of the stereotypical thoughts the children had about Jews due to the violence that took place in the Holocaust.
How would you feel if you were discriminated and thought of as a monster just for being born as a Jew? Or dark skinned? Or because you were Asian? Thankfully, the Holocaust had ended, yet there are still people discriminating others, and this quote states how people might have to hide from things they have no reason to be ashamed of.


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  1. Silvia,

    One of my favorite things about this post is the gif you put. Instead of just being a picture, we can clearly see it moving. I agree with your first part, how the people who would protect the Jews were ignoring the conditions they were under. They didn't understand that if they didn't do anything to protect the Jews and help them they would die, but some clearly didn't care. I think they tried to ignore the calls of help because they did feel bad for them, but didn't really bother to help. I think that, I would help the Jews like hiding them because you need to think of yourself as if you were them. How would you feel If they rejected to help you hide?

    Additionally, you second part was very clear that there was a lot of discrimination to the Jews. How the moms of the kids would tell them that the Jews were evil and like monsters. Specially the fact Vladek had to lie to not scare them. I would definitely feel absolutely horrible for them being scared of me for my religion. I would feel rejected and horrible.

  2. Silvia,

    I think both of the quotes you picked where very thoughtful and interesting, especially the first one. "But remember - if you’re found there I don’t know you!...” This tells a lot about how it was back then during the war. Anyone hiding the Jews were risking their lives. One of the person who welcomed Vladek and Anja to hide had said that she wont know them if their found. If I were Kawka, I would say the same thing to because I wouldn't risk my life for nothing. By saying this, I think Kawka made the right choice.

  3. Silvia,

    Great work on your blog entry! I really liked how you were very reflective, especially in your second question, saying that even though the Holocaust ended, many people still suffer from discrimination. I also enjoyed your pictures: they really connected to your responses. Also I liked how you tried something new and used a gif as one of your pictures; I never saw anyone do that! You also showed that you were a risk-taker because most Line Illuminators use quotes that are important to the book, but you didn't and got explanations better than the vast majority of the Line Illuminators that I've read. Good job!