Sunday, September 28, 2014

Question Commander

Marjane Satrapi
Pages 62-153
Question Commander

Why do you think the author choose to make the book a comic book?
I think she made the book a comic book, because it would be easier to interpret.  To me I think have books in a comic format makes it easier to understand, because of the pictures.  Marji did a good job at representing her story through pictures, which is very helpful to the readers.  Also, I think it was easier for Marji to express her story through pictures.  

How do you think life would be living during this time period?
I think it would be very hard.  First off the hardest thing would obviously be living there during the war.  I would be very scared, and I wouldn't want to leave my house.  Also it would be very hard to wear certain clothes.  It would be hard to not to be able to say and do what you want.  I would never want to live during that time period.   

If you were Marji, would you want to move to a different country without your parents?
I wouldn't want to go live somewhere without my parents.  I would be very scared to not have them be with me.  Even if it would be a more safer place to go, I would't want to leave without them by my side.  Especially during a hard time, when we needed each other the most.

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