Sunday, September 28, 2014

Job # 5 – Illustrious Artist – Simone

Pages 62- 109

I chose this picture because it shows how dumb the students thought torture sessions were. They sarcastically yelled, "The Martyrs!" or “Kill me!” and then just laugh. And they would decorate rooms with toilet paper. Their teacher even threatened to call the principal and get them all suspended, but they didn't care. I agree with them. I also think it is very silly how they line up twice a day, every day, just to hit themselves on the chest. Plus the parents didn't like that the school was making their children do that. I think the parents and the students really don’t understand what the point of torture sessions are at all. And I don’t blame them. I also don’t understand why they should do that. I am actually kind of glad the students made fun of the torture sessions as much as they could.    

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