Sunday, September 28, 2014

Job # 4 Question Commander

1) Why do you think the author made this book in to a comic format?

The reason why I think the author made this book  into a comic format is to make it more understandable for us to read. If this book was not in a comic format, I think I wouldn't have been able to understand the book. The comics helps understand of whats going on in the book. The book only talks about the past, of what people had to go through back then. Its a hard topic to understand, but I think the comic makes it much easier for everyone. In other words, the comic helps us visualise the situations going on in the book.

2) How is Persepolis different from Maus?

Persepolis and Maus are both based on the same topic. However, theres one big difference between them. Persepolis is told from a children's point of view, while Maus is told by an adults pint of view. I think this makes a huge difference in every part of the book. According to someones point of view, the story could be entirely different.

3) Why do you think Marji's parents decided to send her to go to Austria?

I think one of the main reasons was that they wanted her to be safe, as they mentioned on page 148. Things were going to get worse in Iran and they atleast wanted Marji to be safe.  Marji is a risk taker, so they felt like she would be able to handle anything.

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