Sunday, September 28, 2014

Connection Captain - Sophia Takahashi

Persepolis - Sophia Takahashi

Connection Captain
Week #5/6
Page 62-153

From reading the last Sections of the book, I noticed I could relate to a lot of the events happening in the book to current events.

Children and teenagers are separated from their loving families every day because of financial issues. Their parents do not find the correct/best education for their children in the same country/city, and have to separate from each other. Leaving parents when your not mature enough can make life harder. You do not have your parents to comfort you, love you, night and day. You have to mature quicker and learn to live with yourself.

I can also relate to the current event of the war between the Ukraine and Russia, since in Persepolis, Iran is experiencing a war with Iraq. Poroshenko declared war on East Ukraine on the 22nd of September, 2014 after Obama warning Russia to watch out. (Source) War is a cruel event. Humans slaughter each other for the 'better' of their nation; losing their own society to a useless, bloody fight. Do we have to solve everything with violence? Was humanity born to become a sticky mush, of war, hatred and selfishness? If we want earth to progress, we have to get rid of the 'things' holding us back from progress. Yes, our world will never be perfect, but we can have slight progress to creating a better nation.

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  1. Sophia,
    I agree with you. All around the world children or being separated from their parents because of their financial circumstances. Its very hard for the kids to leave them. They are leaving having thing they know and entering a cold dark world with no one by there sides. Its so sad how those unfortunate kids have to struggle inside how there all alone.