Saturday, September 27, 2014

Illustration Artist - Asuna Ito

Week #5

pp.62 - 109 

This quote remained in my mind. "The second invasion in 1400 years! My blood was boiling. I was ready to defend my country against these Arabs who kept attacking us. I wanted to fight." They had to care about their own country and fight for safety of the country in that time period. Marji knew that at the age, and she try to save the country with her intention. Now I don't really know about political and current state of Brazil. I believe I should know this country that I live in as a inhabitant of here. Because we make this country. However, I believe a war, fighting is not good for each country. War doesn't bring anything, any solution. If war didn't happen, they didn't have to fight. What could they do for their country? I think war happens because every country want prove that they have power. I can't understand why they have to be stronger than other country. A man who had a speech at TED said, "People who don't have confidence deprive other's confidence." We need confidence to live. Therefore people who don't have confidence have to try to get in way of others' efforts and try to be stronger than them. I believe if you want to prove that you have a power, you should just make an effort until you become accepted, instead of starting a war. I also think they don't have to display the power because each country need to know goodness of other countries to make this world. 
I drew this picture because I was thought about choice to make my confidence throughout thinking about happening a war. Which method would you choose when you make a confidence? Which confidence do you think that brings the true strength to you? 

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