Saturday, September 27, 2014

Line Illuminator for Persepolis, By: Jessica

"The second invasion in 1400 years! My blood was boiling. I was ready to defend my country against these Arabs who kept attacking us. I wanted to fight." (pg. 79)

I really like this quote because it shows that Marji is very passionate about her country. It shows that she doesn't care what happens to her, as long as her country is ok. She is saying that it is time to fight and stop letting them keep attacking us, she is obviously a very patriotic person. Being patriotic is always good. It kind of reminds me of my own experiences. I was always happy living in the USA, but I never really realized how happy and lucky I was until I moved to Brazil. Moving here made me more patriotic towards my country. It made me realize that other countries all over the world need to constantly fight for their freedom and safety.

"They gave this to my son at school. They told the boys that if they went to war and were lucky enough to die, this key would get them into Heaven." (pg. 99)

I read this quote and it made me realize how religious they actually are. It reminded me of our trip to Minas Gerias when we visited the churches and learned about the history of the town. Back then, they were very religious there too. Everything they did was based on religion. The reason the king was king is because he told everyone that he was chosen by God. Part of the quote says "if they went to war and were lucky enough to die", I think that means two things. One, that the war they are in is very brutal and people think death is better than fighting in it. Two, that getting into Heaven is their number one priority, and to get into Heaven people think you have to fight in the war. In addition to that, I think they might be trying to bribe the kids into going to war. They are trying to make it sound like it is a guaranteed passage to Heaven if they fight.

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