Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lucca-Line Illuminator Persepolis

Book: Persepolis
Author: Marjane Satrapi
Date: 9/27/14

Line #1:
"Everything will be alright."

To me, this line brings some unpleasant thoughts to mind. It makes me think of people who are going through very hard times, trying to make the people they love think that better things will happen soon, like Anoosh kept saying when Mohsen died, or when Siamak's family was forced to flee, etc. It was also a bit saddening for me to see that Marji was saying that to herself as well, after she heard her uncle Anoosh was executed, and she yelled at her god to never talk to her again, because she was angry. I think, when I hear this quote, of all the victims in a war, who are cowering with their families, trying to keep them from panicking, and they say this to try and reassure them that they will be alright. Basically, I think that this quote is something that is said during times of struggle and hardship.

Line #2
"We were completely united."

I think of this quote as a loyal "motto", so to say. At my old school, I had a circle of very close friends. We always stayed loyal to each other, no matter the circumstances were, just like these girls were. This line, mentioned when the girls were getting yelled at by the principal, reminds me of the bond I had with my friends, because when the girls did something wrong, none of them would rat, because they all had a common belief. Be it that they hated the veil, or that they didn't want to be treated like they were, or that they were just really good friends, they all stuck together, and each took a hit to stay together as friends.

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