Friday, September 26, 2014

Question commander - Perpolis - Anna Farnes

question #1) why do you think Marji gave up or forgot about her dream of being a Prophet?

I think that With the war, and almost everyone told her she couldn't, and that she should be something else. . And It seemed to me that she gave up on it when things started to get hard. Or that with everything that was going on, it was hard to still hang onto her dream. Maybe she still has the dream, but with everything that has happened. It didn't seem to be her priority anymore.

Question #2) Why do you think they had to whack themselves on the heart, in respect of the solders out in war?
Honestly, I wasn't sure why. This part was sort of confusing to me.  But I think  It is to represent their hardships at war, and that they feel sorrow in their heart for the people that lost their lives while serving their country. Like how we put our hands over our heart while singing the pledge of allegiance.

question #3) Why do you think on page 107, Marjis Aunt abandoned her newborn baby?
I think that she did this because she was scared. And when people get scared, they usually make decisions that they normally wouldn't make. Or I thought that she thought that the baby would be safer with Marji than with her, so she panicked and did the first thing she thought of. And that as to leave the baby with Marji.

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