Sunday, September 28, 2014

Line Illuminator - Persepolis

Author: Marjane Satrapi
Pages: 62-109
Line Illuminator

"Suddenly, I heard the Iranian National Anthem coming from the TV. Our star-spangled banner. We were overwhelmed" (page 83)
I chose this passage because it shows the hard time that the country was going through. In this page, it says that they didn't hear the national anthem in more than a year. When they heard it, they were overwhelmed and started crying. Here, we can hear the national anthem whenever we want. We can look it up on the Internet and listen to it. We hear it on the television all the time. For example, during soccer games, the players always sing the national anthem before starting the match. In the book, it says that the national anthem was forbidden and replaced by the new government's Islamic hymn. To see how emotional they felt just by listening to the national anthem made me realize that they were going through a really hard time. They received strength and hope just by listening to the national anthem, the anthem that they haven't heard for years because it was forbidden.

"I wish he were alive and in jail rather than dead and a hero." (page 86)
I felt really bad for Pardisse. They were assigned to write a report about the war. Pardisse wrote a letter to her dad that had died in the war. She lost her dad when he was trying to protect his country. Her dad was a pilot and died while driving one of the fighter jets. I think that war is really unfair. Thousands of people loose their lives to try to save their country knowing that they have a really high chance of dying during the war. I admire those people greatly. These kind of people should be admired because they fight for their country and put freedom as a bigger priority than their own lives. They go and fight knowing they could die but they go anyways for the sake of their country's freedom and justice. Even though a lot of people are forced to go the war, they are still people to be admired. Even if they don't want to go and fight, they do it anyways. They do it hoping they will come out of that war alive. They do it to stay with their family. Even though they don't any other option, they are still brave and deserve to be admired because they do their best and fight. They could simply hide and not go to fight against their enemies and wait until the war was over. But they didn't do that. They went out there and fought. They fought for their lives and their country.

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  1. Julia, really nice post. I liked how you connected the first one with our own lives. And how we can listen to the national anthem whenever we want. But since they couldn't, it does tell how bad things were. I also really like how you shared your own opinion, about each of the quotes.