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Risk Taking Researcher - Max H.

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

Week 5: Pages 62-109

Role #6 - Risk Taking Researcher

Each of these novels is set in a critical time period (one is futuristic yet mimics many totalitarian regimes). To deepen the group's understanding, you must research something pertaining to the novel (author, theme, time period, the writing of this novel, etc.) and include a detailed explanation of the tie to the text with a citation of source and a complementary image. Please DO NOT simply copy the information, but instead synthesize the research in your own words with commentary. Add and properly cite 2 images to complement your post.


Throughout the reading of this novel, I thought that similar to the book Maus, in which we read earlier this quarter, I was very curious to know more about the author and why she chose to depict her childhood as a girl during the Islamic revolution in Iran.  The author of this book, who happens to Marjane Satrapi, the main character of the book, was born in the year 1969 in Rasht, a city in Iran. Her main study was the arts and it was at Arts Deco in Strasbourg, France, which is probably self-explanatory why the book was put together in graphic novel style. However, most of her education also was in Tehran Islamic Azad University.  Currently, Satrapi lives in Paris, France.

Interestingly, the author of this book is a great-granddaughter of Nasser al-Din Shah, who started to be  the Shah of Persia from the year 1848, which later on ended in 1896. However, Satrapi points out that the kings of the Qajar Turkish dynasty were married to many women and often reproduced so many children and so if you were to multiply these kids by generation you have, well that is a different story. Basically, it would be that  there would be around ten to fifteen thousand princes and princesses. By all means, there's nothing really special about that, honestly.  In 1983, when Marjane was 14, she was sent to Austria, by her parents in order to flee from the terrible happening in Iran, which was the Iranian regime. According to the autobiography (in comic book form), Persepolis, she lived there during her high school years, returning to Iran for college, in which we will find out later on in the book. At her college, she met a man named Reza and she married him at when she was 21. However, they divorced only about three years after.

Overall, I think it was really interesting to learn about the author's life because sometimes it can give you a different perspective of the book.

Flee, or there will be consequences...

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