Monday, September 15, 2014

Persepolis/Question Commander/Sydney

What is Persepolis about?

Persepolis is an autobiography written by Marjane Satrapi about her childhood. .She talks first hand about what it was like to grow up in Iran.The book takes place in Iran during the Islamic Revolution, which started in 1990 and ended in 1979. The war took place because of social injustice with the oil plantations. Therefore causing many leaders to be overthrown. But after there were many economic failures and shortages of all kinds. Overall Persepolis is a very interesting, humorous and well written book
Why does the author use humor in this kind of graphic novel?

I think that the author used some humor in this book because sometimes it makes it easier to talk about things. Her childhood was definitely a very tough one. She had learn about the revolution going about around her at young age and be mature about it. But naturally there would be humor because the young  Marjane Satrapi thought that she could take the revaluation in her own hands, and ended up doing some silly things. In my opinion I think that it was a good idea to bring humor to the table.

Would the book be different if it wasn't a comic?

I think that the fact that the book is a comic really enhances the story. They way she tells her story is hard to visualize without the pictures to go with them. I also think that the book would be a bit boring without the pictures and dialoge, it wouldn't be as original as the book is today. In conclusion, the decision that  Marjane Satrapi made to made her childhood story a comic was a very good one indeed.

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  1. Sydney,
    You started really well talking about the book and you had a small summary that talked about the chapter of the book. It’s kind of an obvious question for who read the book ,but it was really good the way that you responded. In your second question I think that the author used humor really well because the story became lighter with the humor. One funny part of the book was when Mariji and her friends “try to overthrown the dictator. For your second question I think that a comment book is better for you understand the novel because of the images of the people trying to overthrown the dictator. The comics are a really cool part of the book because you can see prison and her house and their emotions when her friends went to the U.S because her parents wanted a better life.

  2. Sydney,
    I do agree with you in all of the questions, especially #2. I do understand that it was a tough time during the Islamic Revolution, and it was interesting for Satrapi to add some 'humour'. I could have been her naive self taking her in, or Satrapi intended to, but in either way, she was able to use the humour correctly; not 'over' enhancing it.