Sunday, September 14, 2014

Persepolis - Pg. 3 - 62 - Daphne M


Pages 3 - 62


Illustrious Artist

Here is my drawing. If you cant really see it the thinking bubbles say:
But... what if
How? Why?
Maybe if...
So... that means...

I made this drawing because while reading the book, I kept seeing that Marjane was constantly confused or wondering about things and the stories her parents told her. An example is on page 46. Her mom had told her that Ramin's father killed communists but it wasn't Ramin's fault. The next day, Marjane told him what her mom had told her, and he answered that communists were bad. She then told her mom what he had told her, and she said he was lying. Marjane then looks very confused and did not know what to believe. Also, on the last two comics in page 37, she looks very stressed and again confused. In general, I just think its hard for her as a kid to understand all that is happening and how it can influence her. She also seems worried a lot about her parents and her friends.


  1. Hi Daphne! Good post, I really like the picture you did. I agree with what you wrote and what you expressed in the picture. It always seems that Marji has so many thoughts racing through her head. She is always asking questions, wanting to hear stories, and trying to find out the truth. I also agree, that she is just a kid and it is hard for her to understand what is happening around her. I think she will eventually make sense of it all and do something great with all the knowledge she has. I think she will become very wise. Overall, great post. Thanks!

  2. Nice post Daphne! I really liked how you decided to draw your picture. It connected with the book, really good. I agree that Marjane was constantly confused and wondering about things that were happening. I do agree too that, it is harder for her to understand everything that is going on.

  3. I really thought that your post was good overall. I thought that it was really specific when you displayed the information. I thought that you really took time to do this post because you made the picture connect really well with the post. I remember in the book that Marji asks a lot of questions, to her dad and mom, especially to god when she is going to sleep.

  4. Daphne,
    Really good post you've really worked on you drawing because it is really colorful an dwell drawn. I like the girls or boys eye because it shows the persons emotion. In the book life is kind of confusing for Mariji because each person has one side about the war. Thats why Mariji can't come up with a answer for this war. Then she talks to her uncle that is a secret agent from Russia and he goes to prison.

  5. I really like your drawing. I think you drawing really relates to what you are saying, and it summarizes what you are saying in your post. I never really noticed how often Marjane was confused. Now that you mention it I do notice. I think you can tell that Marjane really wants to know everything. I also think it seems like she will do many things just to know what is going on. I wonder why she is like that. She is always asking her parents to demonstrate with them, doesn't she ever think about how dangerous it is?