Sunday, September 21, 2014

Maus & Persepolis Illustrious Artist - Enzo

            This part of the book was when Mariji visited here uncle in prison. Mariji’s uncle was arrested because they thought that he was a Russian spy. I chose this image because Mariji reflected a bunch of amazing thoughts about the government. It astounded me because a normal kid can’t think about the ways they can help their country they only care about playing games and having fun with their friends. Her uncle stayed a weeks without being arrested with Mariji and here family. Everyday he would tell stories for here so she would go to sleep. I think that the people from Iran were really scared about foreigners at that time they wouldn’t even think about letting them breath at their country. They would investigate and they even accused them for nothing.
I think that people should lisen more to kids because people like Mariji exist and they are everywhere thinking and thinking to act when they grow up. They want to make their country modern so their is not going to be problems like the social class, security, education and etc. They are going to take their problem solving a leadership skills to protect their country from anything that happens. This story is bringing me more hope about the future of our nations. They are showing that dictators are not gonna exist anymore. More will happen rarely because we are going to be educated and civilized.

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