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  Wordwhisperer pg3-62 antonio F.

Simile-( page 10)" The revolution is like a bicycle. When the wheels don`t turn, it falls." The dictionary says that a simile is a figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind, used to make a description more emphatic or vivid. I think that a simile is a comparison using like or as. As we can see in the book, Marji is comparing the revolution to a bicycle using" like". This is important to the book because it shows how the  revolution goes-to succeed and reach a goal, there must be people involved, thinking and defining a strategy so that the actual regime can change ,taking precautions and making it private in the beginning and spread and accepted by some, to win- if that does not happen, the "bycicle" can not go ahead and those plans are ruined, sometimes with the people involved, dying or being repressed. Another idea that comes to my mind is that ,when the people stop attacking, the war stops. So this passage from page 10 is a "simile". I chose this photo to represent simile, that when the "bicycle wheels don`t turn, it falls."

Metaphor- (page 9)" I want to be justice,love and the wrath of God all in one." A metaphor is a comparison without using like or as. As you can see, Marji wants to be "justice", "love" and the "wrath of God". How can she be any of those immaterial things ? She may try to do fair actions, for instance, but not being "justice".  Marjani was an idealistic young girl,full of dreams and good ambitions, who aspired to be a prophet, someone divine. This is important, because it reveals part of her character and shows how much Marji was a religious girl.

 Irony- (Page 32)" Something escaped me, cadaver,cancer,death,murderer, laughter." This is an irony because, she is talking about death, murder, cancer, those are bad things, but suddenly, she says laughter, meaning that those things were funny.  Manji probably did not understand the issues that she heard so many times (even with relatives family, as some have been put in cancel and also tortured) because of her young age.  

Personafication- (page55) -"In the eyes of the law" This is a personification, because a personification is when you give human characteristics to objects.So this is a personification because it is saying that the law  has eyes. I chose this picture to show how the law has "eyes"



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