Sunday, September 14, 2014

Question Commander - Enzo

Persepolis Question Commander  

Why power was so important at that time that they even listen to other peoples thinking? 
Power for me can change the world because you can do almost anything with it and you have a bunch of privileges with power. Even people who don’t have power ,but want to gain power don’t think and they don’t even have it. They can buy happiness in someways and in that time they were so sad because of the war that the people who had power spent their money on gift and presents to their parents and friends. I think that power of the dictator made them protected from some threats and that why they wanted more power and they wanted to maintain their power.
Why do people care so much about the social class?
Parents are the main people that care about the social class for me because they want me to marry someone who is almost the same as I am in all of the conditions like health, wealth and etc. Maybe your parents have the same thinking of my parents because it is something that happens casually in families. My mother would allow me to marry someone from a different social class. In the book Mariji’s maid wants to have a relationship with Mariji’s neighbor ,but they are front different social classes. So they weren’t allowed to have a relationship at the end. Here maid sister was really upset. I’ve realized that we are the same because they fell in love ,but our social class creates limits for our love. 
Why didn’t Mariji’s parents go to the U.S?

I think they didn’t go to the US because they had on their minds that everything is going to change and the war would stop. They believed on their country ,but the country didn’t believe on them because they still tried to accumulate power. All of Mariji’s friends moved to the US because they parents stopped believing on their country. Their country were hungry for power and thats why their country fell. Power is the weakness of some countries in my mind.  


  1. Enzo,

    I think your question about social class is a good one. There are so many movies, books, and love stories where social class makes a relationship difficult to attain. Last year we read Ties that Bind, Ties That Break which was largely about parents wanting to maintain the appearance of a high social class by having their girls bind their feet. I think it is interesting that you are thinking about this with your own family. I grew up middle class. My father was an electrician. He put up stoplights at intersections. My mom was a teacher. I needed financial aid to go to school. I was surrounded by people with a lot more money than me. It didn't really bother me. People who will not be friends with you, or fall in love with you because you have less money than them, are not worth being friends with. I would have like a nicer car - my used car only cost $600 and would barely run. - but it had character. My dad had to work on it every weekend to keep it running. I think I learned a lot about the value of hard work from my middle class parents. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Thanks for your question!

  2. Hi Enzo,
    I also think your question about social class is a good one. I liked how you mentioned what your parents would expect the person you see to have in terms of her social class. I don't think though, that my parents would care about social class. i think that they would want me to stay with anyone who makes me happy, regardless of her social class, unlike Marji's father, who disapproved of the fact that Merhi was dating a guy of higher social class that her, since he told Hossein, knowing that it could destroy their relationship and break Merhi's heart

  3. Enzo, I think your second question is a very good one. It made me think of how social is so important and also so useless. Class exists because we found out a long time ago that people need structure in order to function well. Those who have the money are the ones who build this complex system ; it's set up to make sure the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. Giving those who are better off more benifits, it's a cultural way of thinking. It is something that happens when there is money, industry and capitalism. Class is very important to the real world and how we react to problems around us. Every class is important since it is their to figure out and deal with problems. Class considers the easier that it is to deal with problems in the most part related with money. It only matters as a term for Identity when dealing with issues. In the other hand I consider class a very unimportant factor in culture and religion. In lots of religion, people consider the equality factor the key of harmony. In the catholic community it does not matter if you are poor are rich what matter is that all of us are sons an followers of God and the church.



  4. I chose to answer the second question, that was about people caring about their social class. To begin with, I think that this is a question that can be answered infinitely, where everybody has their own opinion. In my mind, I think that people care so much about their social class because of the way people think they have more power and more money to do what they want. For example, a rich kid could potentially be more ''respected'' because he is in the highest social class at school, compared to a poor kid who isn't even noticed just because of the stereotypical thoughts of different classes. To demonstrate, there can be stereotypical comments that the rich are popular and greedy, but the poor are nice and hardworking. Not all of this can apply to every rich, or every poor. As a result, I think that I can agree with Gui that social class doesn't really matter.

    Moving on, the fact that in the book Marji's maid wants to marry someone with a higher class is interesting because of the time period this novel is set in. Back in the past, the rich people wouldn't really marry someone poor because it would technically ''ruin their status.'' However, it is not much different today because sometimes parents will basically force a their child to marry someone who is in a similar social class because of all the hard work they have put in to materialize the social class their son/daughter is currently in. Overall, I think it was interesting to read your post and the questions you posed because they brought a important meaning to the book.

  5. It think all of your questions are good, but I think I like the third one the most so I chose to answer that one. I agree. I also think they didn't go to the US because they thought everything would change and that the war would stop. I really don’t think that is smart. Every day when they are demonstrating, they have a big chance of getting shot, or badly injured. I think if they went to the US they could live a much safer life. I can see how you think that power is a weakness for some countries. I really don’t see why they believe the country will change. Maybe it will in a few years but most likely the country won’t change in a short amount of time.