Sunday, September 14, 2014

Persepolis - Risk Taking Researcher - Felipe M.


Introduction + pg. 3-64

Role: Risk Taking Researcher

Rotation 4

This book said that prisoners at the Islamic Revolution where tortured and that really appealed to me. So I researched a little and found information on a brutal prison called Evin prison. This prison had a execution yard, a courtroom and blocks with different cells for male and female prisoners. Evin prison had over 1, 500 prisoners and was originally built to withstand 320 prisoners. This place was, in theory, a detention center for people who awaited a trial and were supposed to be moved to a different prison. In reality this prison served a any other prison while many people waited many years in this prison. Since this prison had a execution yard many prisoners were killed.

One story really interested me. It's about Hussein-Ali Montazeri, who was a writer, a advocate, a islamic theologian and a human rights activist. He was one of the leaders of the Iranian Revolution in 1975. He went to Evin prison in 1964 because he was supporting the revolution, there he was tortured and interrogated. he spent his first six months there in solitary confinement, after that he was sentenced for 10 years in this prison. Before this, he had already done many contributions for the revolution; he made many speeches attacking the Shah. Most of his students went to the manifestations because of him.

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