Sunday, September 14, 2014

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Persepolis, week #4, pg1-62

Metaphor- In the chapter "The Bicycle", Marjane compares the Iranian Revolution to a bicycle. "The revolution is like a bicycle. If the wheels don't turn, it falls." To define if the sentence has a metaphor in it, is to see if the sentence has the word "like", or "as". Those two words define if the sentence is a metaphor because if something is used or regarded as being used to represent something else, an emblem or a symbol. I thought that the author of the book had a really good idea up putting this metaphor in the book. It really brought up to me another way of thinking about the Iranian Revolution.

Dark humor - “For a revolution to succeed, the entire population must support it.” In this quote, the young author argues that she should be allowed to attend revolutionary demonstrations with her parents. Her parents do not want her to attend the demonstrations because the Shah is taking violent action against protesters. This quote is darkly humorous because it is a revolutionary maxim spoken by a young child.

Irony-“I didn't know what justice was. Now that the Revolution was finally over once and for all, I abandoned the dialectic materialism of my comic strips. The only place I felt safe was in the arms of my friend.” Here, Marjane continues a process of shedding the intellectual and spiritual structures that sustained her development as a child. The first structure to fall is her unwavering belief in the efficacy of the leftist revolutionary forces. Marjane's mother sends confusing messages telling Marjane both that she must forgive all while harboring deep hatred for those that tortured and persecuted the revolutionaries.

Simile-"Her too, she looked like a horse!"This specific quote is a simile because the sentence there is a figure of speech in which two unlike things are compared. I really thought that the author of this book had a really good idea in writing this quote because it brought a different meaning into the character. Another reason why it is a simile is because it has the word like in the sentence.

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