Sunday, September 14, 2014

Line Illuminator - Asuna Ito

Week #4

Intro - page 62
line illuminator

1st line:
"Dad, are you for or against social classes?"

I chose this line from page 37. It is what Merji said after she was told that the love wasn't allowed between her maid and their neighbor from her dad. He said "You must understand that their love was impossible. Because in this country you must stay within you own social class." He could have lived because of social classes. Therefore I think he was for socials classes. I choose this picture because  oil and vinegar weren't "allowed" to mix. They are like Mehri and the neighbor's son. People treated them like different things. They never couldn't mix in that time period. 

2nd line:
"My god! He repeats what they tell him. He will understand later..."

This line is on page 46. This is Marji's mother's words. When your belief is wrong, you would go wrong way. Ramin was brain washed by people around. He was told that killing someone is, if the opponent's a communist, right behavior. He had been manipulated his belief system. Belief leads to behavior, and behavior leads to results. The reason I chose this picture for this line is because it involved to belief system. This elephant is held back not by puny rope but by its belief system. It tried to escape again and again but after all it couldn't. Then he learned that it can't be released. If there is not a rope, the elephant wouldn't move. Because he believe that he can't move. Perhaps, you might be bound, and your life is restricted by your framework of belief.


  1. Hi Asuna,
    I agree with your thoughts on the first quote. I think that if he was against social classes, he wouldn't have told his neighbors son that he was dating someone from a lower class than him. But since he did tell him, even though it was none of his business, and he knew that it could destroy their relationship, I think that he is completely for social classes. As for your second quote, I also agree with your thoughts. Ramin was brainwashed by his father and the community he lived in that communists are evil, so he thinks that killing him is not like killing but human being, but rather that you are classing the world by killing him.

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  3. Hi Asuna,
    Good post! I like the first quote you picked. I think it shows that she is a smart person, she knows what he is talking about, and she wants to find out the truth. In addition to that, I don't think that Marji's dad is going to ever directly say to her that he is all for social classes. I think he will show it by his actions and by what he says. I also really like the picture you chose, it really represents that social classes shouldn't mix. Overall, great post.


  4. Asuna,
    I completely agree with you, especially the first one. I really like the comparison between different Social Classes and the vinegar and oil. I find it shocking at how people thought that Social Classes were really like individual groups; they would stay in that group and would not mix with other groups. They are like contrasting pairs.