Sunday, August 24, 2014

Word Whisperer - Asuna Ito


1) metaphor
  - The author used some kind of animals to distinguish people in each country. -
   There are two reasons why the author set animals for people in each country.
   The first reason is that is to express the personality of each nationality. “ Cats are always catching mice.” This is what the author wants to tall. from the setting.
   As another reason I think he wanted to soften the cruelty to readers to know the actual fact without resistance.


2) simile
   “ We were more involved. So like the youths here today.” Pg.15
     It means that Vladek’s old girlfriend, Lucia has a strong desire to love just like the recent youths.

3) metaphor
   “ I always dreamed of going to America.” Pg.16
   I can learn that he desired liberty. At that time, the U.S. was a democracy but his country, Judea was a communism country.

4) irony
   “ PSSH! and look a what a BEAUTY you picked!” Pg.17
Lucia express her hatred. She represents her jealousy by saying that on contrary what she doesn’t think.

5) simile
   “ When I came into their house it was so like a king came…” Pg.19
   He was very welcomed like a king.

7) flashback
   “ I remember when we were almost arrived, we passed a small town.
Everybody - every jews from the train - got very excited and frightened.
It was beginning of 1938 - before the war - hanging high in the center of town, it was a nazi flag!” Pg.32
It shows a big surprise and shock of the moment they found the flag by using three-piece and expressing finely.

8) symbol
   “ You’re dropping on the carpet cigarette ashes, you want it should be like a stable here?” Pg.52
In this scene, I can learn that he is so clean, at the same time, he treat his son as his treasure.

9) metaphor
   “ It was so freezing that birds fell from tree.” Pg.53
It tells how it was cold. I can imagine clearly that freezing from this expression.

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  1. Hi Asuna,
    I think the reason you thought of for why the author made the characters the way he did is very interesting. I never thought about it like you did. For example, you said that each country has a different animal for what their personality is. I am not sure if I agree with that theory yet, maybe I will later on in the book. Although, I do think the quote you said about the cats always catching mice, really does connect to your theory. I never thought about it like that.