Saturday, August 23, 2014

Illustrious Artist - Maus

Author: Art Spiegelman
Pages: 1-71
Illustrious Artist

This drawing shows how the Jews had nowhere to go because the Nazis were everywhere trying to kill them. The symbol of the Nazis represents a road and there is Vladek, the main character, in the middle thinking how to escape. On the end of each "road" there is a Nazi. It shows that the Jews had nowhere to go because everywhere they went, there would be a Nazi.
Artie tells the story about his dad, a survivor of the holocaust. His father, Vladek, suffered so much trying to survive. He was sent to war and got caught by the Nazis. Vladek was sent to a Jew camp then to a place to work. He didn't see his family for a long time. With no food, no bed, no blankets and almost no sleep, it was really hard to survive. A lot of the Jews died from sickness but Vladek would take a bath everyday even though the water was freezing and exercise everyday to stay strong. The Jews had to do everything the Nazis told them to do or else they would die. The Nazis would make fun of the Jews and they couldn't do anything a about or else they would get killed. There was no way out.


  1. Julia, I like your picture you drew a lot! It made me think further and helped me better understand the book a little more. I like how you chose to draw this scene, and how it was like a maze. Good job!

  2. Julia,
    I think your drawing relates to the book very well. The books time period is a very dark time in history which most people want to forget. You used the information from the book and turned it into a very clear drawing. If someone saw your drawing they would understand what you are trying to explain.