Saturday, August 23, 2014

Line Illiminator

Maus by Art Spiegelman 
Week #1  Pages 5-71 


“His name was Jan, and I knew that I killed him.  And I said to myself: Well, at least I did something.”  (Page 50)
In this part of the book the Nazis made the prisoners get the wounded and dead soldiers and carry them to the Red Cross Trucks.  And Vladek was one of those prisoners.  Vladek remembered where he shot someone and went to that place where he shot Jan.  To me, it seemed like Vladek was proud that he shot someone, but at the same time it seems like he wasn’t too.  He was just proud that he did something.


“We were taken to nice wooden houses.  We got soup and we got bread.  Look!  A stove!  And real beds!  With sheets and pillows!” (Page 55)
In this part of the book some of the prisoners were sleeping in tents in the freezing cold.  But then there was an announcement made that the prisoners could volunteer for labor assignments to replace German workers.  So Vladek and some more prisoners volunteered, and they were taken to nice wooden houses…  And to me, it seems like they were so thankful that they finally get to sleep in real beds with sheet and pillows.  Also they were really happy because they got soup and bread! 


  1. Your paragraphs were really good! I enjoyed how you wrote what that phrase or sentence meant to you. Why do you think that Vladek choose to go to replace the german workers, when he wasn't sure if it would be better or worse? Have you been in a situation where you can make a decesion that you weren't sure if it would be better or worse?

    1. Thank you! I think he choose to replace the german workers because he wanted to be treated differently. Once the announcement was made, some comrades were saying they weren't going, and to never volunteer, and if they have to die they would rather die there, where they were. Then Vladek said, "I'm not going to die, and I won't die here! I want to be treated like a human being!" (Page 54) So obviously he wanted to be treated differently, so I think he knew that if he did go it would be much better. Yes, I have made that decision before, I think everyone has!

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