Saturday, August 23, 2014

Line illuminator

A line in Maus, that I thought was really good, is on page:67. And it says: "Even though everything was very tough-And it was really very tough- we were happy only to be together." I really liked it because of even though it was  really hard for everyone during this time, They were grateful to have each other. And I've realized that  even during the most roughest times in life, there is always those people that make up for it. And can make some of the worst moments in life, some of the best memories, no matter what the situation is.

Another line in Maus that I thought was good is on page: 66. And it says: " And I don't need to tell you how big the joy was in our house." Vladek tells his son this when he's telling him about coming home from being in the war And finally seeing his family again. I think he says this because there were no words to describe their joy. In life, everyone has had a moment that is to great,  and so amazing that no words can come close to describe the joy that was felt.

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  1. Anna, I really liked both of the quotes you chose! And how you explained them also was really good. I agree that they were all grateful to just have each other. I also agree, that in life we have had a moment that was so great no words could come close to describe it, just like what the second quote said.