Sunday, August 31, 2014

Willem Connection Capton

 Connection #1

         A connection that I had in this section that I read in Mauz was when, The Nazis were looking for Valdek and he had to hide from them quick because he did not have much time. He also had to hide because when Valdek was passing by the side walk the Nazis were beatin yup the jews, and he is a jew so that means that he would have been be beaten up to death by the Nazis. So the reminded me of when my sister and I used to play hide and go seek when we were younger. But the situation of Valdek was much more different. 


 Connection #2

         Another connection that I had while I was reading the book was when, Valdek was looking for food and lots of other people were starving because the jews would only get really little amount of food per day. So that part of the book made remember of articles that I read for he alt about how much food people eat per week. When I saw the people from Chad. They had only one big sack of grain and one bottle of water that was not purified, that article made me schooled when I read it and now I am schooled of how people from WW2 felt at that time.


  1. Willem,

    To start, I think that both of your connections had a relation to the real world in a quite interesting way. For example, how you relate the situation of World War II and the starvation to the citizens in Chad.

    For the first connection, I think that hide and seek is a really good connection to the situation Vladek had, but I don't think that at his time, it was much different than playing hide and seek nowadays. For instance, today, children around the world enjoy playing this game, but they do not understand the real concept behind it. I can connect back to ''The Giver'', where children were playing some type of game where they shot each other with fake guns, but they didn't understand that this game connected back to war, where people died for real and it was no joke. Relating back, this situation is similar to World War II because the Jews were hiding basically all the time and the Nazis were seeking for them and trying to kill them so they were cleared of existence.

    Now, for the second connection, I think that really, the problem that existed in the past about food and starvation is minimally different from the situation today. As you said, the people in Chad receive a meager amount of food per week, where they could almost not survive by eating so little. In the past, there was really no choice as well because of the fact if the Jews came out of their hiding bunker in search of food, the Nazis were patrolling the streets and would immediately kill them if found. Overall, I think that your connection really brought a new meaning to the book.

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  3. Willem,
    Your connection are good ,but I think you should get deeper talking about your feeling more when you said they didn't eat much. You should give examples from the book and give facts from the book that proofs that you are right. I agree with you that they had to hide everything that they did. Your image was really good for understanding the post and it really showed the meaning of your connection that you had of playing hide and go seek.
    Your second connection was good because you should your feeling you could see by your words that you felt pity for them. I felt really sorry at that part when they were starving because they had to hide in a trash that was filled by coal and they couldn't go out because the Nazis are after them. Your second image was strong because the africans were starving.

  4. I thought your first connection was very good. I like how you connected Vladek hiding from the Jews and hide and seek. I think it is a very smart and interesting connection. I also like how the picture really described what you wrote.

    I also think your second connection was good. I think that both the picture and what you wrote was good. I like how the picture really shows how little some people in Chad have. I think it is a really good connection because not only do the people in both situations have to find food, they both also have to share little food with a lot of people.

  5. Willem

    I think that you should make deeper connections, your connections are a bit too obvious and don't make people think about the book. You should focus and make connections about things that disturb you and express yourself more.

  6. I agree with you that I should make my connections deeper, after I re-read the post that I made. I will try to do what you said right now so I can make it better to make you or the reader think deeper. Thank you for the comment.