Sunday, August 31, 2014

Illustrious Artist - Antonia

Art Spiegelman
Illustrious Artist
Pages 72 - 127

               I drew the scene where Tosha finds out they are evacuating Zawiercie. She had just discovered they were all supposed to go the square with their baggages because they were all going to Auschwitz, or the gas chambers. She says no immediatly and refuses to go there herself or to let the children go. She went inside, called the kids, and killed all of them, including herself with poison.
               I thought this part of the book was very important and it shows that sometimes suffering for something that you might not make it through is not worth it. She was going to the gas chambers, but decided to kill herself instead of going there to suffer and die. You probably wouldn´t survive by going there, but there is a chance you could have escaped. It would´t be worth it for her to go all the way there just to die.


  1. Antonia, I agree with you that this scene of the aunt poisoning the kids and herself is really powerful. It shows us how bad things were. The situation was so bad that killing themselves was a better option than staying alive with the Germans. The Germans were really mean and unfair to the Jews to the point of doing things we could never imagine.

  2. Antonia,
    I did the same quote as you did for my line illuminator and I thought this scene of the book was really powerful for all of the students that were reading this part of the book. The chambers were tough at that time for the people and the kids would suffer their and they had a low probability of escaping alive. I thought that it was a better to kill the kids and kill herself because the chambers would kill them too. In the end they escaped the worst thing that could happened with them,but they gave their lives.