Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Power of The Voice Group 3, Guilhermo, Connection Captain


During this week me and other fellow classmates started reading the book, MAUS. To start off, I would like to claim that for now this book has provided alot of interesting facts and knowledge in a very peculiar way. 

It is unfortunate that prejudices against racial and ethnic minorities continue to flourish. One well‐known example of discrimination based on prejudice involves the Jews, which the book displays for us, who have endured mistreatment and persecution for thousands of years. The largest scale attempt to destroy this group of people occurred during World War 2, when millions of Jews were exterminated in German concentration camps .  The novel MAUS describes for now the difficulty that it is to have a vivid life. Vladek the main character, is was taken away from his family to a concentration camp, he suffers deeply from the fact he is taken away from his family. While taken away he encounters a harsh life, he has to start living a life in which he is fed poorly, sleeps in a tent and has to bathe in a freezing cold weather river water. This event is similar to what happens now a days, yet, in a much smaller scale. Now a days people encounter prejudice everyday. I would like to convey the discrimination of a rich man to a poor unfortunate man. Lots of people have lived through a moment of when a higher class man considers himself greater than a lower class one, or when a rich man is in discomfort when close to a poor man or women. This unfortunate man or women in many occasions havent had the same opportunities to thrive to a better life. While man of us go to schools in luxuries cars 

these people in many times dont even go to school. 


Further more, I can connect the book to the experience many man live now a days. In the book Vladek has to leave to the army. He has to live everything behind, his family,friends, money and housing. He has to serve his country rather or not he likes it. He now starts living a life where he has to work hard, train hard, fight for his country and fight for his life. Similar to how the American Soldiers have to leave lots of belonging behind. Now a days many man and women list themselves to the army, police, marine, air force and etc. Many of them believe if they go they will shape a better country and protect their homes. Unfortunately they have to leave lots of things behind and start living a different life. A life with a lot of danger and sacrafice. Lots of them are taken to all around the globe to fight. 


  1. Hi Gui,
    I really liked your post. The connection that you made with the American soldiers is very true. People risk their lives to serve their country. It is a very noble thing to do. Although, they are, like you said, leaving everything behind. Sometimes I think about why they would do this, other times I understand why they do. I also agree with the connection about the rich people may feel uncomfortable around those who are less fortunate. I think instead of feeling sorry for them and just staring at them, maybe they should say hi and make their day a little better. The rich to poor kind of prejudice is very common in this world.


  2. Hey Gui,
    I thought that your first connection was true, though I didn't understand it at first, I realized that the rich man was the Nazis and the poor man was the Jews. Although, I did not agree with your second connection. In the book, Vladek was drafted. In case you didn't know, the draft is when you are selected to go to war, and a government official shows up at your door, and you have to go, and i think the penalty for refusing is seat or incarceration. but today, there are no more draft lotteries, and all the people in the military today are people who enlist. but other than that, it was a great post!

    1. sorry, I meant 'death', not 'seat'

  3. I agree that the novel Maus describes for now the difficulty that it is to have a vivid life. This book describes how hard life could be in many aspects. It describes how the slaves had to work during war, and how they were treated as slaves. It explains how hard it was for Vladek to leave everything behind, and live a new, dangerous life. I think no one deserves to be treated this way.

  4. The men who go to fight for their own country have family, it is true. Even though to fight for the country and their family, war is not good way to solve the relationship between a country and another country. As you said, I think Vladek suffers deeply from the fact he is taken away from his family. In the same way, his family also endure. War makes everyone unhappiness. What do you think how politician, like Hitler, feel during the war?

  5. I agree with both of your connections, for the first connection it is something that it is not noticed as much, like what you said. But it still happens. And hopefully it stops happening. I really liked how you connected both of them. And a lot of people do serve for the military today, And I think that it's really cool how all of them enlist to serve their country, even though they have to sacrifice a lot.