Sunday, August 24, 2014

Illustrious Artist (Maus) - Silvia L.

This drawing represents Vladek Spiggelman hearing the news that the party before him had been completely slaughtered by the Nazis and that he would be in the next party. The reason why I chose to draw this scene is because it was the closest Valdek went to facing his death. The dark background and frightened expression of the mouse (jew) represents how terrified Vladek must have been to know that he would die in just a few days. Although he was lucky to be able to escape, thanks to his friend who was able to take him out of the camp, if he did not make it out of there he would have been dead, clearly affecting the existence of this book in the first place. Yet most importantly, back at that time, during the holocaust there were very little laws to protect the jews and therefore the Nazis weren't accused of anything even if they killed 600 jewish people. I believe that this drawing makes a connection between that harsh reality the jewish prisoners had to face during the holocaust and how scared those people would have been to be killed in one day, so easily.


  1. Silvia,
    I really liked your drawing and your explanation to it made it very clear. I agree with you, the Nazis could do whatever they wanted, and there was not much the jews could do about it because if they did anything they would get killed or hurt. But I think that what the author is trying to say is that the jewish people were scared, and nobody really likes to admit they are scared because it's a sign of weakness.
    Once again, loved your drawing!

  2. Silvia, your image made me think differently about that part of the book. Your explanation is really detailed and I like how your drawing shows how Vladek was feeling because of the expression on his face. You can see how much power the Nazis had at that time.

  3. Silvia,
    I really liked your drawing and the way you explained it. It made me think differently about this part where Vladek heard the news about the party that was slaughtered by the Nazis. I didn't pay much attention to this part when I was reading it, but now I realize how scared he was that he was going to die in a few days and how lucky he was to escape. I agreed with everything you said in your explanation and I thought the drawing represented the scene very well, since you showed how he was worried.

  4. Dear Silvia,
    Great blog post! I really liked your drawing and all the details that you put into it. I thought it was really interesting that you decided to pick such a dark part of the story. Also how well your explanation went with the picture. It really made me think about how controlling the Nazis really were and how scary it was for the Jews. Great Job!