Sunday, August 24, 2014

Maus, Line Iluminator

          "So Anja and Richieu and the governess went in one way to Sosnoweic. And I then went to a different direction to the frontier against Germany". This is avery important part of the book because the theme of the book starts on this part. A reason why I chose this image is because when the Nazis invaded the part that Valdec and Anja was so they moved. But Anja went to one side of poland and Valdec went to another part because Valdec joined the army to fight the Nazis.



"So when my brother Marcus got 21 years old, father put him on a starvation diet. So Marcus would be skinny. And when he went for the army examination, they did not take him because he was mal nutritioned and couldn't fight in the war". I say that this image relates with this quote because they are both really skinny people. But the point here is that Valdec's dad does not want his children to suffer how he did in the war.



  1. Willem,

    As the line illuminator, I think you chose some quotes that are pretty interesting. For instance, on you first quote, you stated that it was very important because it basically sets the scene and tells the reader what he/she will expect to happen next. In my opinion, I think that it is kind of bad that Vladek had to separate from his wife at that time because of the fact that no one had an idea whether he would survive such a happening. Moving on, I think that the second quote was really interesting because of the fact that it was really smart of Vladek's father to try to starve him just so he couldn't go to the army as his physical standards were pretty bad. Do you think he should've really done that?

  2. The first one I thought it was important ,but not so important like the one Vladek was on the battle camp or killing someone from the Nazis ,but the part that you wrote was important to me like you said that they changed their courses. This was verry good of your post that you explained well how they changed routes and they almost got engaged at that time. Your second post is really strong because they starved so they were weak and didn't join the militar forces. I used this example on my post too.

  3. I think both of your quotes were really good and your pictures really correspond to the quotes. I agree that the first quote was very important in the book. I think you really understood how important this quote is. For the second one I didn't understand how it was important.

  4. Willem,

    Great work on your blog entry! I appreciate the fact that you went into a good explanation reflecting on why you chose the quote and why it is important; however, I think that there are some things you should work on.

    First of all, I agree with you that the fact that Vladek went to the army to fight the Nazis is important to the book because he is later captured by them and kept as a war slave, causing to him a series of conflicts and adventures that result in great stories but I think that the quote you chose is not quite representing that. It does show the separation between Vladek and Anja, but I think you should have chosen a quote that maybe shows one of the hardships Vladek and his fellow prisoners were going through, such as starvation.

    In the second quote, I do not see how Vladek's brother going through a starvation diet to avoid the army is important for the book, it is simply showing us that people always wanted to avoid the army no matter what.