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Maus and Persepolis Word Whisper by Enzo Hahn

   Word Whisper #3  Pg 5-71
1.  Pg .15 "Her family was nice ,but had no money, even for a dowry". This is a metaphor because a dowry is just a bit of money normally that you use to marry someone so this showed me how they didn't have money and how it was rough to live in World War II. This technique is really important for me because you start to understand how much money her family had, and this is a important reason for why Vladek didn't get engage. The people always want a women that comes from a good family because it was hard to leave without money and a good family at that time. This made me think of the real meaning of taking so much money of the people at that time?

2. Pg. 29 "That would cost a fortune. Please I can give you the money and plenty of credit" This technique is hyperbole is when you exaggerate and in that time it was a good amount of money and the author exaggerated saying it was a fortune. This part showed me that money had more value than now a days because people spent money with almost nothing. Another thing that I saw was that your parents give you money when you star your life because it's really important and it is an old tradition I guess because it was so hard to have live well at that time ,but he just gave him a bunch of money that he worked toughly to get his money

3. Pg.37" We thought then, that Hitler wanted only the parts from Poland, like Bielsko, what used to be parts from Germany before first World War" The author used flashback on this part because Vladek's father told him of what happend back then and what they thought that Hitler wanted. The flashback helped me understand the thinking of the Poland's when the war started and this showed me how Hitler hated the jews so much ,by his actions. Also, this made me think of how the people gave up so easy and just wanted to go to Sosnowiec.

4.Pg.45" So when my brother Marcus got 21 years old, father put him on a starvation diet. Always Marcus was sicky-so thin" The author used hyperbole when he used the word starvation. He used it very well so we knew how did they protect themselves from the militar forces at that time. I was really upset because they did the samething with my grandfather that lived in Germany. So this showed me how they suffered at that time in war. In this part Vladek's father puts his older son on a diet so he would be really weak when he was tested to join militar forces.

5.Pg.51"It's all your fault, this war!" In this part the author used allusion because it was a indirect reference to the jews. The author used it well because with the facts that you know that the prisoners were jew you understand how things happend in wars. People suffered because of their believes and this is sad because sometimes people don't choose their believes when they are born so you can't change it when you are young ,but anyways they shouldn't do this because is their chooses is like you choosig to worship Buda than God. This was a absurd that happend and I don't know how humans even wanted to join Hitler.

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  1. I really liked your post because every paragraph had lots of good information about what you wanted to show to the reader. I just thought that you should have added a bit more information in saying why you chose this quote from the book and why does that stand to to you and ect.