Sunday, August 24, 2014

Maus Week One Carolina Laport


Week 1
Job 6

Each of these novels is set in a critical time period (one is futuristic yet mimics many totalitarian regimes). To deepen the group's understanding, you must research something pertaining to the novel (author, theme, time period, the writing of this novel, etc.) and include a detailed explanation of the tie to the text with a citation of source and a complementary image. Please DO NOT simply copy the information, but instead synthesize the research in your own words with commentary. Add and properly cite 2 images to complement your post.

 The time period takes place in the nineteen hundreds. This book takes place on a very tragic event, World War 2. World War 2 is the war went from 1939 to 1945. From those six years of war, many lives were lost. A major event that happened in World War 2 was the Holocaust which was a very sad moment in history. The Holocaust was when Jewish people, gypsies, etc. where targeted and enslaved. One of the main characters in Maus was the father also known as Vladek. He was one of many survivors. Threw out the beginning of the book and to page seventy two Vladek talks about his life, talking about how he joined the army but was captured, brought to camp, got transferred, and finally escaped back to his family. In the book the Jewish people including Vladek was drawn as mice, very innocent. The Nazis where drawn as cats,a very predator creature.The author wanted to make a imagery to the readers and succeeded.




  1. Carolina,
    Your post is very interesting, it's so full of information. Now that I read your post, I have more knowledge of the book, it will help me understand the book better. Also, if somebody who isn't reading the book and comes across your blog post, can get interested because you gave specific detail. For example, you mentioned the characters being animals and how the author succeeded delivering the message.
    Great job!

  2. Your blog post thoughtfully explains how the Holocaust affected the Jews and how Germany took over and enslaved them just because of their religion. You show how Art Spiegelmen chose the characters correctly, showing how mice are innocent and how those innocent felines can become the undesired predator. You did not put the citation of where you got your research from though.

  3. It is really interesting how you think that the author wanted to make an imagery to the readers. I agree with you. It was really clever of the author to represent certain people with different animals. The animals the author chose makes a lot of sense. He represents the Jews as mice. Mice are really innocent animals like you said. They don't do nothing but they are still killed. The Jews were being killed for doing nothing. Just because of their religion they were killed. The cats eats and kills the mice. The Nazis killed the Jews.