Sunday, August 24, 2014

Maus - Illustrious Artist

     I chose to draw a four leaf clover because I thought it represents Vladeck, (the main characters), history of life. Each leaf on a four leaf clover represents different meanings. One leaf represents hope, another represents faith,  the third one represents love, and the last one represents luck. I think Vladek has all of these four meanings. While he was working as an army, he had this huge faith and hope of getting released on this special Saturday. And when that Saturday came, he was lucky enough to be released, and sended back to his family and home. When he finally got home, he was surrounded and loved by his family. There were only a few amount of people that was able to comeback from war. And Vladek was one of them. He was lucky to be home, he was lucky to released, and he was lucky to be alive. I think his life is filled with luck, just like four leaf clovers. 


  1. I knew for the first time in forever about meaning of a four leaf clover. I thought Vladek was alive because he loved his family, and he trust himself and had hope and luck. Himself was like the four leaf clover because he was one of a few people that were able to back from the war. He had luck, but it came to him because he believed that he would survive. However he mustn’t forget (I think he didn’t) that people died during the war except him, that he was alive is not commonplace.

  2. I thought that your post was extremely interesting, your idea about the four clover leaves was very interesting because you used something that nobody could imagine that could be related to World War 2. I imagine that only a person with these four elements can escape a situation like being a war prisoner in a very delicate time. My grandfather was german and he also had to escape because he was against Hitler, so the national service was looking for him, his situation also must've been very hard.

  3. I really liked your post. It made me think on how Valdeks life was connected to a four leaf clove. At the beginning I didn't know why, but now I know. You talked about a four leaf clover it made me connect with all humans life. Because everyone has love, everyone has faith, and everyone has hope. So it made me think better about the book