Sunday, August 24, 2014

Connection Captan

Job 2: Connection Captain

When Artie was roller- skating with his friends, he skate came loose and he fell. He starts the book by saying “It was summer I remember I was ten or eleven. I was roller- skating with Howie and Steve. ‘Til my skate came loose.” When he fell, it reminded me of when my mom told me a story about when she fell when she was rollerblading. She had been roller- skating most of her life and this was the first time she was using roller blades. She tried to use the brakes on her roller blades and leaned forward because on roller- skates the brakes are in the front. So my mom leaned forward and she fell and hurt herself.

When Vladek was telling his story about when in 1939 he fought in a war, he said that his country was fighting against Germany. When Vladek said “We were all dug into trenches near a river. On the other side it was Germans.” This part reminded me of when I lived in Germany. It reminded me of going to school, Berlin International School (BIS), and having German class instead of Portuguese. It reminded me of the time I hit my head on a branch during recess. It reminded me of the winters with snow storms.

This picture is a picture of my school in Germany that I mentioned earlier (Berlin International School (BIS)). I lived in Germany for 3 and a half years. I went to BIS for 2 years. I don’t remember a lot because I was only 5 or 6 but from what I do remember, my experience there was really good.  


  1. I used to love to go roller blading. I used to go out side every day after school with my sister just to go roller blading in our condominium. I fell lots of times and the bruises I had were really big, but through time I stopped roller blading and got interested in other activities.
    I did not really get the second connection you had. The problem that I have noticed while I was reading the second paragraph was when you said that, dug into trenches near a river is related to studying in Germany, and learning german instead of portuguese.

  2. To begin with, I think that the first connection you made is what actually has happened to one of my family members. A couple months ago, my cousin received a new pair of roller-blades for his birthday. In the beginning, he wasn't able to use them pretty smoothly because he didn't have a clue of what to do. To be honest, it was quite tough to watch him fall over and over again. However, I think the main point here is to see that even though you keep failing, you should keep trying to learn from your mistakes and persevere until you reach your goal. Overall, I think it was interesting to see what connections you had to this graphic novel.

  3. The connections that you made was really good and I really liked ,but I can't connect to you in your first paragraph because I never really liked roller blades ,but I really like to skate and I think they are similar in some ways thats why I understood a bit of your connection. I understood the part that you talked about Germany because I actually felt the same thing when I was in Germany seeing my family the storms are strong and the people look sometimes scared for me because here in Brazil people are really happy most of the time.

  4. I really liked your connections, and how you related them to personal experiences., and how a line or phrase would remind you of a something in the past, or a memory. I also think that it's way cool that you lived in Germany!

  5. Simone,

    I liked your post and your connections were very accurate and on point. One thing I thing you could improve on is writting a little more. You could also add more descriptive words and transitions like, Furthermore, Additionaly, etc.