Sunday, August 31, 2014

Line Illuminator Carolina Laport

Maus by Art Spiegelman

Week #2

Page 72-129

Line Illuminator Job #1


'' Wouldn't they have helped you even if you couldn't pay? I mean, you were from the same family...'' ''Hah you don't understand... At the time it wasn't anymore families. It was everybody to take care for himself!'' page #114
I choose this passage because it made me realize that in that time, there was not friendship, family, not even trust, you were alone you had to take care of yourself because it was everyone for himself. I can imagine you fill alone in the world, you have nobody, your isolated. You have to keep going by yourself. If you fall down, theres nobody to help you up. If your alone there is no one to keep you compony. And thats how everyone felt in the book exceptionally Vladek. A example that supports my statement is on page 114. ''Look Anja! Thats my cousin, Jakon Spiegel. Man, in the courtyard. Hey! Jakov! Help! Jakov- help us! ''Vladek?! Theres nothing I can do!'' This passage states that even tough they knew each other, Jakon wouldn't help Vladek because he thought there was no use. I choose this image because it shows a person all alone in the world.


''Why are you pulling me, Vladek? Let me alone! I don't want to live!'' ''No, darling! To die, its easy... But you have to struggle for life!'' page # 122
The reason I thought this sentence was important was because, It made me understand that even when its dark and scary there will always be a light. In the book Anja lost her whole family and she did not want to live anymore. But Vladek told her that she must never give up. Life will always put obstacles that hold you back and make you want to quit, but you have to keep on going. Also in this passage there is a meaning of friendship. Instead of Vladek leaving, he stayed with Anja helping her. He was always there for her when she needed it. Vladek never thought about whats happening in the present he thought about the future how one day this will all be over. I choose this image because it shows one lizard falling, but one lizard catching his friend.

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  1. Carolina, I really liked your post. It was very interesting the way the way you took a simple quote and expanded it. It made me realize that what Vladek's and Anja's relationship is full of love. Vladek is constantly taking care of Anja as if she was a part of him. Mothers didn't even take as much care of their own children as Vladek takes care of Anja.
    Great post!